Collaboration Partners


City of River Falls

KinniCC has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as of 8/31/2019 outlining the expectations, roles and responsibilities and outcomes/goals for the Kinni Corridor Plan implementation work we support.  The City owns the two hydro dams and most of the shoreland surrounding the river within the City limits.  Multiple departments of the City are involved with Corridor Plan projects. 

The City maintains the Kinni Corridor Project Website with videos, minutes and details about how the community engaged to develop the Kinni Corridor Plan. 


KRLT is focused on land conservation and river protection in the entire Kinnickinnic watershed.  They evaluate the opportunities for land conservation projects and work with landowners in the project area.  KRLT members and volunteers support the Corridor Plan projects.  


The local chapter of Trout Unlimited members.  They are the hands on monitoring and restoration resource focused on habitat creation for cold-water streams like the Kinni.   They've been monitoring water temperature and river conditions on the Kinni for over 25 years providing solid data to support decision making and recommendations.  TU members spend hundreds of hours annually keeping the river and surround streambanks healthy and safe by removing invasive species and working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on restoration projects and developing trout habitat. 


This Trout Unlimited Regional entity working throughout the Driftless Area of Wisconsin (TU DARE) and Minnesota on stream restoration projects.  Their team is helping us with project definition, fundraising and legislative strategy.   They've completed significant cold-water stream restoration work and seek innovative solutions to practical challenges in river restoration that are sustainable.  

River Falls Community Foundation

 The River Falls Community Foundation (RFCF) serves the greater River Falls, Wisconsin area. We are a community fund that seeks to attract and develop community and philanthropic assets to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families in the area.