Creating a new story for the Kinni in River Falls

The implementation planning team is seeking your input and help with this multi-year project

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We are seeking qualified candidates to be part of the Founding Board of Directors for the Kinni Corridor Collaborative, Inc. 

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Interested community members are invited to help raise the funds and support the projects to implement the Kinnickinnic River Corridor Master Plan

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What is the Kinnickinnic River Corridor Master Plan?


Our community worked together to developed the Kinnickinnic River Corridor Master Plan over the last 4 years. The award winning, highly collaborative community effort grew from the vision of restoring the Kinni to a free-flowing river over the next few year as the hydro-dams are removed and the river is restored and revitalized in our community.

Kinnickinnic River Corridor Plan

Our Mission


 To work collaboratively with public and private organizations and individuals to assemble the technical and financial resources needed to implement the current Kinnickinnic River Corridor Master Plan while preserving the ecology and beauty of the Kinnickinnic River.